Waldorf Education

Waldorf education is one of the largest and fastest growing non-sectarian educational movements in the world. Austrian scientist and philosopher Rudolph Steiner founded the first Waldorf school in Germany in 1919. There are now about 1000 independent Waldorf Schools and 1400 independent Waldorf preschools located in approximately 60 countries throughout the world. Waldorf education works in New York and Nairobi, in Buenos Aires and Cape Town, in London and Tokyo. And, it works here—in Houston, TX.

Waldorf education works because the timing and introduction of academic instruction mirrors, supports and enriches childrens’ natural, age-related needs. The curriculum provides a rich experience that prepares children to meet the challenges of our world and the future with clarity of thought, a caring heart, and the confidence to initiate change.


“Waldorf students are encouraged to live with self-assurance,
a reverence for life and a sense of service.” 

—Ernest Boyer, American Educator

Office: 5331 Beverlyhill St., #1, Houston, TX 77056 • School: 1504 Wirt Rd., Houston, TX 77055  
Tel (713) 960-8109 •info@waldorfhouston.org