Only part of the cost of educating our children is met through tuition. Increasing fundraising and gifts can minimize tuition increases. The challenge is to find activities that are the least labor-intensive for the amount of income generated and are supportive of our image and philosophy.

Annual Fundraisers that we would like to implement are a Fall Festival, a Winter Craft Fair and a Silent Auction in the spring. These events will draw support from outside our school community, which will help boost school enrollment and raise awareness of Waldorf Education in general. We would welcome your help with organizing these events.

Annual Giving
Gifts support our school and aid in the development of our programs that tuition alone cannot meet. A gift in freedom is one of the most profound statements of support for the greater social goals of Waldorf Education! You can give a gift to the school via paypal or send it by mail to:

Shining Star School
5331 Beverlyhill Str., #1
Houston, TX 77056

Simple Ways to Help
Through programs with various stores, websites, and organizations, you can have a percentage of your purchase sent to Shining Star School or have the school earn money when you recycle electronics or search the web. Here are some of these simple ways to help.

"If you would be philanthropic, give to education.       
An investment in knowledge always yields the best interest!"       
- Benjamin Franklin       

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